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Our Philosophy

Our goal as a clinic is to treat all of our patients as we ourselves would want to be treated.  That includes offering the best of care in the medical, surgical and orthopedic treatment of foot conditions and injuries.  Dr. Geister believes in being a part of the greater medical community and working closely with primary care physicians and other medical specialists, along with his podiatric colleagues.

We love serving people who have important needs in their lives for good foot health and overall wellness, both old and young alike. 

We want our patients to feel safe and to know that they will be treated with truthfulness and integrity. 

We desire for people to feel valued regardless of their age, gender, race or religious beliefs.

We want to be able to provide podiatric care to those who are needy with a heart toward the individual financial needs of the individual. 

This is a philosophy that has stood the test of time and has served us well for over 35 years.

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