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Dr. Geister accepts most major insurance policies.
Most insurance companies list their panel of providers in their
insurance handbooks and online.

If you have any doubts please contact our office for
confirmation. It may be helpful for you to review your individual policy
to determine the extent of your coverage and whether you have a co-
pay or a deductible or a pre-existing condition.

Although we are familiar with many insurance companies and
policies it is still your responsibility to know if your insurance will cover
your visit and special services such as x-rays, orthotics or surgery.

If your insurance plan requires a co-pay it is required to be paid
at the time of the visit.

We will be happy to submit your insurance claims for you.

Dr. Geister does not provide Workman’s Comp

Dr. Geister has opted out of the Medicare and
OMAP programs but see Medicare and OMAP patient’s at reduced
rates. Please call for information regarding these fees.

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